八雄 / Hachio ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

photo by kojohn!



音や光、熱や振動などの空間に発生消滅する信号から、自己の身体感覚を触媒として行う「描く」という行為は自身にとって他者/世界との間における非言語の対話・干渉、或いは純然たる遊びであり、その記録 / 痕跡として「見えざる風景」「形なきもの」を現す。


I am a painter, born and raised at the foot of west-mountains of Kyoto Japan and am based on Kyoto now.

My activity are impromptu paintings in various situations, session with artists of other genres, resident works, exhibitions, wall paints, and more. It was started from about 2000 with experience of the mental elevation by music, farming, festival.

I input from the signal of sound, light, heat, vibration which appeares and disappeares in the space. The act of “Paint / draw” by my own physical sensations, is non-language dialogue, interference or downright play between myself and the others / the world. That show “invisible landscape” and “things without the form”